求英语大神翻译,用有道,谷歌,百度的就不用了,急需~大神大神 你在哪里!!!

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The 5 template abuse counterproductive English writing and accumulation is not pretty simple sentences, the students in the process of writing English composition, in addition to its own independent template sentence to sentence, but the sentence structure of students of machinery back down, in the practice of writing, it is incompatible with, Lun is not kind, unexpected difficult. The reason is "the second foreign language learning does not directly translate into acquisition". Optical will be a flower shelf and can not be translated into language expression ability. That is to say, even if the students master the vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar rules for quite a number of years, it is impossible to guarantee the correct sentence in English and the. Theoretically, from the program to use low domain mode to practice a lot of the structure across the need to cooperate with, language environment person already unconscious. In short, there is not to let the students improve in a short time the shortcut of English writing. For a taste of the "use doctrine" in the context of students without thinking, without modification, resulting in greater error, so if we really want to learn English writing from the template, recite the mechanical type is far from enough, this is also confirmed by fast food style template will only make students mistakes, mistakes in writing for example: misuse of parts of speech, collocation error, refers to the unclear, incomplete or jumbled sentences. So, if there is no solid vocabulary, grammar and a lot of accumulation, without "a lot of comprehensible input" and the formation of the invisible knowledge of English, improve their English writing level is groundless statement.